Monday, 22 October 2012

OUFIT #27: Cause all I know is we said hello

T-shirt - New Look (old old old)
Cardigan - Vintage
Skirt - Vintage
Nike Dunks - Some Italian shoe shop
bleeeeeuuuurggghhhhh sorry these photos are so foggy and muggy (is that a word?) Guess what? A miracle has happened! I didn't get given any homework today! NONE! Do you hear me? NONE!!!!!!!! I've just been basking in the golden glory of these few hours, a little bit clueless about what to do with myself. So far I've blogged, had tea, had cake (chocolate with gnash and crushed crunchie on top), planned my christmas list (i really want a neon yellow satchel from the cambridge satchel company and the agyness dean doc martens [the strappy ones]) done a bit/ a lot of internet shopping and watched The Big Bang Theory. Well until next time amigos!


Sunday, 21 October 2012

What I've been up to...

A month into my Drama A Level and I genuinely think I might already be dead//Hippy day at college//Biscuits, French and TV on a lazy Sunday//My gorgeous puppy, Brodie//Didn't realise how many earrings I actually own...//R.I.P my poor phone that I dropped down the toilet//Procrastinating in it's best form//Vain and I know it (lul)//Suicide Awareness Day
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I am a crazy, ridiculous, unbelievable, horrible amount of sorry. I've tried so hard to post, literally every week I get dressed up and then remember why I haven't posted in so long (nearly a month, I know, I'm ashamed). My sister lost her memory card for her SLR around the time I last posted and since then we've been unable to take any photos I'd be proud to upload, and I don't want to go back to my old phone pics.

My life feels like a constant list at the moment. College, college, college, work, homework, college, think about cars, college, college, work, TV, college. How did my life get so hectic?! I've made an unkeepable decision to go on a spending ban because there is so much I want that I feel like I'm already broke before I've spent anything! So, I've decided to save it all for my car fund. This could take me a lonnnnnnnnggg time!! Ho wellz, I'm not promising anything.