Sunday, 23 September 2012

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve

Hi everyone, bit of a life related post today, I just thought it's time that you deserved to know a little bit about me since you've all been so kind to follow my blog. I'm so sorry for the recent absence - I don't really have an excuse, just that life got in the way and I was forcing myself to be inspired by other things. However I have been unable to resist spending forever in the early hours of the morning piecing together outfits for college that I think reflect my personality and I'm really proud of myself for wearing them because some pieces are a bit out of my comfort zone and I have to put real effort into showing up in a gypsy skirt, massive peplum top or heeled boots (see my last post here) and for me, it's an achievement, because when I wear those more risky pieces I get so many compliments on them which makes me feel tonnes more confident and makes me want to do it again!  I've discovered that college is the place to experiment with your style, most people don't care so if you wear something that perhaps looks a bit weird, so who gives a damn?

Meeting new people is taking over a little bit as well, I didn't expect everyone to be so lovely! I feel like I've known these people for months, years, rather than 2 weeks. I generally consider myself to be quite awkward in front of new people, however I think I've judged myself too soon, it is brilliant being able to share genuine laughs  with so many people that 2 weeks ago I would have never approached.

I like my work, I really do, the people there are so nice and I don't even mind working such ridiculous hours (10 hours next week!!) as long as I get to watch doctor who with a hot water bottle when I get home. I sometimes think that customers don't really see people that work in shops or even restaurants as real people. A lot of them, you can tell, just see you as a machine to give them their change, however there are also lots of good people out there. There are those who come in to buy the paper with £20 who simply want a chat or those who are genuinely interested in that Guilfest wristband that you've been wearing for 2 months or that your sister loves Moshi monsters too or that you love to paint. My point is that the good people are often overlooked and it's not fair. If you have 50% nice customers in one day and 50% not so nice ones, you'll say that most of the customers weren't nice because they're the ones that you remember. Please don't forget the nice people because they're the ones that won't forget you. Don't hang on to the memory of those who see you as dirt that's gone within a second.

Life is a bit hectic at the moment because I'm still getting into the habit of waking up so early and getting home so late. It's tiring. When I first started my blog I had all the time in the world as I'd just left school and my only responsibilities were to make sure my bagel didn't burn in the toaster. Now I consider my blog as another responsibility as you've all taken the time to follow my blog, I ought to deliver. Hopefully I will get back into it soon. I promise to come back with a bang. Give me a few days, a week tops and my blog will be back to it's old self.

I hope that gave you a little bit of insight into my life and the backstage work of my blog, which I do love and put so much effort into. If there's anything you want to know, seriously, just ask!


  1. this was such a brilliant post

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. so glad to hear how much hard work you put into your blog! its got such a cool name too :)
    Sarah x

  3. I spend soo much time deciding my outfit for college too!! I agree with you about working in a retail environment with customers *sigh* hope you feel better and be glad to get you back! xxx

  4. I love this blog, I used to work in retail too so I can completely see where you're coming from! It's made me want to write some personal blogs too :)
    Following you!
    Feel free to check out my blog, there's not much on it yet as I've only just set it up, it's a working process! xx

  5. Lovely post!

  6. i always crave time to myself - but sometimes it's not good for me, cause i get "in the box", and need other people to make me realised my problems are tiny! xx

  7. This is such a lovely post, hope everything becomes a bit less crazy for you soon! xx

  8. Glad you're enjoying college, it definitely is the place to experiment with style x

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  10. It is ridiculous the amount of time I spend choosing outfits. I know exactly what you mean about nice customers, I started a new job last week and I helped this woman for about 20 minutes then had a conversation with her about how she met her friend through a pair of shoes! She was SO lovely.

    Just Smile.

  11. It's good to hear that you're keeping yourself busy and also experimenting with your outfits more. And I can completely agree with you on the customers who have no manners but it's true, we do tend to remember them more, although there are so many lovely people out there that you can talk with for a while and just forget that you're working!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  12. I first started experimenting with my style when I started college too :) It's so much fun being around new people, scary too, I've just started uni - which meant moving away from my family etc so it's been a bit manic recently but I've finally started settling in so I know just how you feel ;) Hope you're having a fun weekend lovely!

  13. Aw I really love this post, you seem like the loveliest person!
    I totally get what you mean about experimenting with clothes, once you start doing it you feel so much better about yourself, but it is pretty scary at the start. I can't wait to go to college, it seems like there's so much more freedom!

    dozen dresses

  14. Ah life does get in the way of blogging from time to time! It's great to have a bit of an experiment with clothes :) x

  15. I love your blog!! You have a new follower and I hope you follow me:)

  16. gorgeous! great blog, absolutely love your taste and the layout is very fresh.
    would you check out mine? would be an honour!
    thank you!
    Lottie xxxx

  17. I like this post, you're so lovely! I love experimenting and having people look at me even if they think I look horrible it's just nice to shock people I don't know or for grannies to stare at me xx

  18. love wen you find people that you click with easily!!

    love this outfit hun!! the skirts a lovely colour!