Saturday, 11 August 2012

So we all know I'm a sucker for trainers...

Trainers For All Occasions

Trainers have been worn for decades and are a favourite casual shoe for children and adults alike. Trainers can be worn to all kinds of occasions, from sporting events to daily errands. They look great with sports attire or jeans, and many people are now choosing to wear their trainers to work for a more and casual look.

The last few years have seen many advances in shoe technology too, with many brands creating high-tech products. Anyone looking for a hard-wearing shoe for an intense running or track expedition now has a wide variety to choose from.

Trainers For Walking

If you enjoy walking as a form of exercise you will be pleased to learn that many shoes on the market are great for toning your muscles as you move. Walking shoes can give shape to your leg muscles by activating the core muscle groups. They also improve your posture.

Sketchers Shape-Ups are designed to tone your legs and give you an extra work out as you walk. Their innovative design allows them to promote both a natural and comfortable stride. Those that usually suffer from friction on their feet will be pleased to know that these shoes also offer a roomier forefoot.

Trainers For Running

Running in fashionable shoes can in fact cause some serious damage to both your feet and legs. It’s important to invest in a shoe that is able to withstand any impact caused by the pavement. These types of shoe will more than likely have a softer and more responsive sole in order to mask the effect of this pounding on your legs.

Fashion trainers tend to be very flat in style and therefore cause more damage than good if used in the wrong environment. Sketchers running shoes are ideal for anyone who runs on a regular basis. The lightweight structure, mesh fabric and GOimpulse sensors allow the wearer to move freely and at ease.

Weighty trainers tend to have the effect of slowing the runner down; which is why it is important to invest in a shoe that allows you to feel like you’re running in bare feet. The Sketchers GOrun training shoes also house a lightweight midsole compound, which provides the correct amount of impact absorption.


  1. love my nikes! i'm following you on gfc now, please follow me too? :) i think you'll like some of my outfits, and i just posted about the IT color for the fall!

  2. I'm actually really loving trainers this season, especially the house of holland supergas! great post!