Wednesday, 1 August 2012

OUTFIT #12: I'm glad you came

bikini top (underneath) - H&M
tank top - New Look
Leggings - Primark
Sandals - Accessorize (old)
Bag - Accessorize
Another luvlay day sightseeing round France with Connie, who took these photos (thanks Connie, for being the only person willing to do this for me! haha). The photo standing in front of the door was only moments before a huge dog started barking it's head off and we jumped out of our skin and ran a mile. We wandered through French shops saying really pompous things in posh accents because no one could understand a word we were saying (they probably could).

The weather here is bonkerssss, we were in the pool till 10 o'clock last night practicing our underwater polo for my little sister's Olympics that she's holding, she's making medals too! Speaking of, I've been practically glued to the TV recently, I'm addicted to the gymnastics, if only I had a body like that, well, I can dreaaammm

Are you enjoying the Olympics?


  1. Your leggings are amazing!!! xo

  2. great leggins :) !
    I follow <3

  3. Loveeee your pants! I lived in the UK for a month and a half and Primark was a very dangerous stop for me!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. ah those leggings are sooo pretty! gorgeous. x

  5. Love your leggings! They have an awesome print!

    If you'd like, feel free to follow and check out my blog too!

    Xoxo Lil

  6. love the leggings! awww your sisters olympics that's so cute haha. the gymnastics is absolutely amazing, definitely my favourite x

  7. lovely leggings
    can u please check out my facebook page dear? thanks!

  8. I love your leggings! Wherever you are in France looks very nice :) xx

  9. Such a cute outfit! xo

  10. Stumbled on your blog, good Euro photos. Cannot go too wrong with depth and colour.;)

    'The picture in the header is not mine or anyone's that I know. I found it on tumblr and I'm pretty sure I put the link to their page in one of my first posts. If it's yours, contact me and I'll take it down, I'm just a little bit clueless about the internet and whatnot!'

    I try very hard to cite all my borrowed photos, even more so than when I started blogging. So far Blogger has placed two of my posts intro draft until I edited the supposed copyright infringement and a third time a photo was simply deleted off a post. The dumb thing is with the first two times Blogger stated that there was a site that would explain my infringement but it never was stated on the site so I simply had to wipe the picture slate clean.:)

    On the positive, my Satire And Theology blog has been copied twice and both times Blogger pulled the offending blogs when I went to Blogger's legal dept.

    Happy week to you and family.

    1. um does this mean i have to take it down?

    2. Hi, only if Blogger would send you a warning. And they would have placed the post in draft. No worries.

      Please have a good weekend. Again, good blog. Impressive.:)

      Oh, perhaps I should add that since my first episode with Blogger with every new post there is a pageview from Google (Blogger) in California right after I publish. I am speculating only, I do not know this, perhaps they are checking with some kind of program to see that I am not publishing copyrighted photos. Or perhaps it is something automatic I am not sure.

      Take care, Millie.