Thursday, 9 August 2012

£300 blogging on a budget challenge

Recently I was contacted by to create a post on saving money on fashion which I thought was a brilliant idea! I started off by thinking: What are the essentials in any girl’s wardrobe? And came up with this list:
1 jumper
1 blazer
1 party dress
1 pair of denim cut off shorts 
2 tops
2 pairs of trousers
1 pair of heels
1 pair of sandals
1 belt 
Owl and DaggerSTUDDEDCROPPED TIE DYE JUMPER - run by Lucy of Lucyboots, this store creates all of their items by hand so quality is guaranteed, it’s also great because I love supporting small companies and helping them to build their business as I know it can be difficult. The jumper is studded, tie dyed and cropped – 3 of the most popular trends right now all wrapped up in one. At £22 you can’t really go wrong!
AsosWHITEBLAZER - Everyone knows about asos – the cheap online shop selling major trend pieces. I am dying for a white blazer in my wardrobe right now as it makes practically anything look classy. £32
           PARTYDRESS – Isn’t this dress bea-uuuutiful! It is originally from River Island however on asos it has been reduced by £5. Is this a dream? £25

-          FLORALSANDALS – I couldn’t not include these sandals in this list, they’re just too pretty and so on trend. Even though it’s the beginning of August,  summer is nearly over for us poor Britons  but these babies can be worn in the winter months too because we’ve seen on the catwalks a tonne of socks and sandals – parfait! £28

-          OUI/NONBELT – Recognise this belt? Your right, it look suspiciously like the Topshop ‘LOSER’ one but for ¼ of the price and to be honest, this  one is 10x cooler! £4.50

RokitDENIMCUT OFF SHORTS – Rokit is a dreamy online vintage store that I discovered recently which sell super cheap (or in terms of British vintage prices!) vintage items. A huge trent this year has been ‘vintage-looking’ denim cutoffs which you can buy from Urban Outfitters for something ridiculous like £50, why pay that when you can have them for only £20?
Boohoo.comKHAKICOLOUR BLOCK BLOUSEAs we all know military style is going to be HUUUUGGEEE this Autumn and this blouse is the height of the trend with its colour  blocking (you know I’m a sucker for it!) and sharp collar. I have ordered some shorts from Boohoo before, after being a bit wary about the site and was delighted when my parcel came within 2 days and with free delivery. I wore those shorts to an incredibly muddy festival and they lasted me the entire weekend. I was even able to get out all of the mud and glow paint – new favourite shorts I think! £20
Loveclothing.comSHEER FLORAL CROP TOP  - I have been drooling over this amazing crop top for some time and now that it’s on sale I couldn’t resist putting it in here! I have heard such good reviews about this site and so was surprised when I headed over to their website to see how cheap everything was! £11
TopshopVELVETPANEL BOYFRIEND JEANS – Ok, so maybe Topshop isn’t the best place to bargain hunt, but it is well known that they do the best, softest, comfiest jeans around. Boyfriend jeans are going to be everywhere this Autumn along with velvet, so these jeans are the best of both worlds! I plan on snapping them up and being first to the trend before they sell out and other shops start selling them for twice the price! £50
Glamorousuk.comNAVY DISCO PANTS – who doesn’t love disco pants? No one. That’s who. I have been wanting some in navy for some time because my black ones just don’t go with everything in my wardrobe, so when I found these bad boys for literally less than half the price of AA disco pants, I knew they had to be mine. £29.99
OfficeJEFFREYCAMPBELL FOXY LEOPARD PRINT – OH.MY.GOD. Office have a sale on Jeffrey Campbell’s for less than half price. That’s any girl’s dream right?! Trust Office to provide us with the most ah-mazing shoes at the most AMAZING price! £55

TOTAL PRICE: £297.48

And the best reason why I should win this competition (aside from that I would worship all of these clothes all day, every day) the winner is announced on my birthday! What a brilliant bday prezzie that would be!

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  1. Really good post! I hope you win!

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  2. i entered this too!! this post is brilliant!!

    Eimear x

  3. I like the stuff you have done here! Although i'd say a pair of boots is essential too!

    Love your blog! :)

    1. I'm not really a boots kind of girl but I see how it might be essential for some people. Thankyou lovely :) xx

  4. I love everything you picked out!xx

  5. love this post! I'm always on a budget too!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm following back =)

  6. Fab post, love what you picked out especially the belt xxx

  7. love this, its so clever! xx

  8. love this post! lovely blog you have here..!

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  9. this is such a great post! I do this when it gets to winter, write a list of all my necessities! haha
    Coat, boots and Bag is what I've got so far.
    Your picks are great though xx

  10. that white blazer is a great pick. it's a wardrobe staple! nice post

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  11. Great post, love the party dress and omg i need to check out these half price JC's!!!! xo

  12. Great finds here, I really like the owl and dagger item and the belt too, saw the half price JCs and couldn't believe my eyes! I hope you win! : )
    Take a peek at my new blog, thank you!

  13. you choose everything essentials for every girls!
    great choice,


  14. Omg , the leo shoes are insane :D Love your blog <3

  15. Great post, i hope you win :) I really want to get the GlamorousUK disco pants, its between them or the own the runway ones!

    sophierosehearts x