Tuesday, 10 July 2012

MY (extremely optimistic) BIRTHDAY LIST

lita dupes, studded leather jacket, spiked necklace, super studded shorts, strapless patterned maxi, step hem dress, dip hem ombre skirt, dip hem floral skirt, mint biker jacket,  silver foil skirt, red heart mesh dress, blue lace kimono, black flatforms, purple leather skirt, velvet skater skirt, Long accordion-pleat skirt, sheer bomber jacket, glitter flats, silver creepers, leather skater skirt, ombre silk shirt, velvet sparkly skater skirt

Yes, I do realise that I am being very very very optimistic with this list! This is really just my dream list, things that I think about when I'm falling asleep and hope by some miracle that in the morning they magically  appear. (IT COULD HAPPEN!!) I can't even chose my favourite, they're all so beautiful, I even have probably 20+ outfits combined of these stored in my head somewhere. I'm so so eager to put them all on GAHHHH they're all I think about at the moment!! Hahahah. I'm tempted to get another job just so I can save up and buy every single item.

Sorry about the lack of outfit post's recently, my sister just got a new camera and has promised to take some photos for me but so far has not delivered. I used to use my phone which is why they're usually a little bit/a lot rubbish (sozlol)


  1. wow- what a list!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

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  2. I love the Ombre dip shirt, gutted that it's £45!

    Sophie. x