Monday, 23 July 2012

OUTFIT #8: Take a bite of my heart tonight

Dress - Zara Italia
Shorts - Pimkie
Sandals - Pitarello
More holiday snaps, I know! I miss Italy soo much, it was so freakin hot!! I had the best time ever, and I got  really really back into running. I mean I never stopped, but normally I only do 1 mile whereas by the end of the week we were doing 3.2 miles in one night! Woohoo, you proud of me??

 This is the gorgeous Zara dress that I was ranting about in my last post, I still can't believe I parted with thattt much money on an impulse buy! Should I have done it? Probably not. Will I wear it a lot? .... probably not. But it's a wonderful holiday piece that just makes me melt when I look at it.

As they say, Tis better to have splurged and loved than to have never loved at all! 


  1. The dress is amazing! Never regret an impulse buy....


  2. This dress is amazing, I love the colours x