Saturday, 28 July 2012


Maxi Dress
Ok, so in my case the £91 challenge cos I clearly can't add up (god knows how i got an A in maths!) but anyhow, I am so in love with this outfit that I'm praying I win this competition. I have been drooling over this blazer for a couple of months now so it would be rude not to include it! I don't currently have a pair of heels (I ran in my only pair and now they are no more) and these are so timeless and classy, I also lurrrve point toes at the moment!! Basic maxi dress here, but it's made of a knit material so it can be worn in the winter as well, and onto my babies - the earrings. THE EARRINGS. How beautiful??!?! I..I..words can't express how much I love them!!

If you want to enter the competition go to Discount Coder. Good luck!


  1. Hi Millie

    You might also be interested in our Fashion Blogger Competition to win £300 :)

  2. Lovely outfit, I hope you check out my look x