Saturday, 7 July 2012


1. How old are you?
  Nearly 16! Wooo

2.  What country do you live in?

3. What is your favourite colour?
I love plum purple and also the kind of aqua blue that’s clear and depth-full, y’know?
4.What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
 Hmmmm probably my AA disco pants, I never wear them out when the weather’s bad!

5.What is on your wish list?
At the very top, The Ragged Priest super studded shorts (the ones that Rihanna wore) and the YSL arty ring!                         

6 .  What style of jeans do you prefer (skinny, bootcut, flared, wide legged, etc)?
Skinnies, I could never wear anything else!

6. Where do you shop most often?
Probably Topshop and H&M, charity shops and Primark.

7.  Do you read fashion magazines?  If so please list:
I LOVVEEE company magazine now, it’s like a million fashion blogs in one book! Dream come true mwahah

8.  Describe your favourite shoes, whether you own them or not.
Hmmm, I am and will always be in love with my River Island knee high lace-up leather boots and my ‘grape and plum’ Nike dunks.
similar to these

9.  Describe your style in fashion and makeup:
Make-up-wise, I love to wear defined black eyeliner on the top of my eye with a tiny flick (kind of a retro look) and I dab a bit of white eyeliner on my bottom waterline. Then, I curl my eyelashes and sometimes apply individual fake lashes if I can be bothered and apply this amazing Bourjois mascara that I have. I put quite a lot on the top and use an old mascara brush with a the teeniest bit ever of mascara on and apply in lightly to my bottom lashes. I use foundation sparingly and apply it to my T-zone and under my eyes only, sometimes I’ll wear powder but very rarely. I then use bronzer by smiling, and applying it to the balls of my cheekbones.

As for my fashion style, everything HAS to go together; I absolutely hate a scruffy, unplanned outfit. I like to clash colours to look interesting together and I try to never include more than 3 colours, max! If I can’t find a cardigan or a jacket that goes, I’ll go without one. I try to never wear only one colour, or a few shades of that colour or two items of the same fabric, for example, denim on denim or velvet on velvet, YUCK! I tend to change my style from day to day, sometimes it will be grungey and sometimes it’s totally preppy. I guess I just can’t decide!

10.   Describe the outfit you are wearing or going to wear today:
Well, I’m in my SpongeBob PJ’s and my old old Jack Wills hoodie which I plan on wearing all day soooo I’ll tell you about what I wore shopping the other day. My new purple died Levi cut-offs, with my London 2012 T-shirt tucked in, with black tights, my black fake converse and my gold chain necklace.

11.  What makeup are you going to wear?
Probably Maybelline gel liner, Bourjois volume glamour MAX mascara, Natural collection white eyeliner, eylure individual lashes, Maybelline dream matte mouse, Rimmel clear complexion powder, Estee Lauder all over face compact blusher and Carmex classic  moisturising lip balm (I’m not big on lips to be honest)

12.  Who is your favourite designer?
 Henry Holland.

13. What is your favourite nail polish?
Hmm, I don’t really have any great quality ones, and if I do they’re in boring colours. But I used to have this gorgeous one which was a bit darker than blood red with a hint of purple in. But then I SMASHEDDD it,

14.What is your favourite fragrance?
The blue butterfly one from Accessorize that smells like Vanilla (no idea what it’s called, sorry.)

 15.What is one fashion trend you cannot stand right now?

16.Who is your fashion icon?
Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Fearne Cotton.

8.  What makeup brand is your favourite?
Well, I only have one product from Bourjois but it is AMAZING.

17.  What do you probably over buy when it comes to fashion or beauty?
Rings, and then I lose them all.

18. What is your most recent bargain purchase?
I bought this cute little crop top with a winky face on it from Topshop which I’ve been lusting over for ages for only £5! Not a HUGE discount, but I’m still pretty chuffed!

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