Monday, 30 July 2012

OUTFIT #11: if i knew you were comin' I'd've baked a cake

Vest - ummm probably Primark
Top - Pimkie
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Select (£3!!)
Sorry about this rather picture heavy post, we visited a beautiful town today and found so many picture-perfect places, I couldn't resist!

Today I cracked out the old american flag shorts (how very unpatriotic of me, especially during the Olympics!). I've been a bit hesitant about them for a while since american flag print went practically viral, but now that that craze has calmed down a bit I feel better about wearing them, because they are first and foremost a brilliant statement piece and look greaaaat with some red lipstick (any excuse to wear it)

It's such lovely weather here in France, I wasn't at all cold in these teeny tiny shorts, how are your holidays going?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

OUTFIT #10: tooth paste kisses and heart shaped bruises

Dress - Zara via Charity Shop
Sandals - some Italian shoe shop
Cuff - Camden Market
Sunnies - same Italian shoe shop
It was very slighhtlyyy cooler in France today so I chucked this charity shop bargain on, only to discover that the bottom was quite see through, and as I hadn't washed or even worn it smelt kinda bad, so off that came. But I still think it's a cute outfit & a great find! 

I am deeply, deeply sorry but for pretty much every post for the next month, it's very likely  that these sunnies will be making an appearance as i.just.can' Apart from red lipstick, I'd never give dat up, yo.

P.S Office is having a sale on JEFFREY CAMPBELL FOXYS do you hear me?!?! £105 down to £55 dammit!!! SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


Maxi Dress
Ok, so in my case the £91 challenge cos I clearly can't add up (god knows how i got an A in maths!) but anyhow, I am so in love with this outfit that I'm praying I win this competition. I have been drooling over this blazer for a couple of months now so it would be rude not to include it! I don't currently have a pair of heels (I ran in my only pair and now they are no more) and these are so timeless and classy, I also lurrrve point toes at the moment!! Basic maxi dress here, but it's made of a knit material so it can be worn in the winter as well, and onto my babies - the earrings. THE EARRINGS. How beautiful??!?! I..I..words can't express how much I love them!!

If you want to enter the competition go to Discount Coder. Good luck!

Friday, 27 July 2012

OUTFIT #9: 50 shades of purple

Vest - probably Primark
Lilac lace t-shirt - Republic
Studded shorts - Etsy
Belt - Accessorize
Nike Dunks
Happy Olympics! Ok, ok, I know the title is cheesy but I couldn't help myself! I'm really loving colour blocking at the moment and realised that I have a ridiculous amount of purple in my wardrobe so...voila! And yes, i know that the cheapy belt looks a bit silly but I lost my beautiful black snakeskin one and I'm on holiday so I think I deserve a break! Mwahah

Oh yeah, I'm in France by the way! It's uber hot, so much that I was sweating in this at 9 o'clock at night! Its my birthday while we're here and I'm doing muchos shopping so you'll be seeing some new outfits very soon hopefully!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Job Interview Outfit

Step hem skirt - BANK
Neon heels - Nelly
Silk shirt - Gucci (damn!)
Chanel bag 

I'm at that awkward and embarrassing stage in my life when I find myself constantly at job interviews yet never in a job.. To help myself stand out more I think what I need is an outfit that tells the employer that I'm civilized and confident (hoping the neon heels reflect that!). Or I could just stop saying stupid things in interviews like 'well i don't really know much about plants...or nature' at the garden centre or 'sorry about the dirt, i walked through some woods' at a restaurant. Hmm...

Unfortunatly the shirt is about a bajillion times more than what I am willing to spend so if anyone knows of a similar silk shirt for a tenth of that price. PLEASE TELL ME. The hunt has already begun!!!!

P.s guys n gals, the Davidina neon yellow heels at Nelly came back in stock!!! I'm the happiest girl in the world!

charity shop haul

Zara tunic - £5.50 (picture didn't come out too well but it's a gorgeous bottle green in real life)


Scarf - 50p. I plan on tying it to my bag or my wrist.

Love how it's watercoulour-yness and the colours in it!

Elephant bracelet - £1.95 
This morning I went to the doctors and came back with a lot more than just a note. You know how it is, I see one thing in the store window and I'm hooked, I have to check every single charity shop in my town and only then am I satisfied. This little haul came from 3 different charity shops, woops! Current amount in purse : 20p. I don't have any excuse either.

OUTFIT #8: Take a bite of my heart tonight

Dress - Zara Italia
Shorts - Pimkie
Sandals - Pitarello
More holiday snaps, I know! I miss Italy soo much, it was so freakin hot!! I had the best time ever, and I got  really really back into running. I mean I never stopped, but normally I only do 1 mile whereas by the end of the week we were doing 3.2 miles in one night! Woohoo, you proud of me??

 This is the gorgeous Zara dress that I was ranting about in my last post, I still can't believe I parted with thattt much money on an impulse buy! Should I have done it? Probably not. Will I wear it a lot? .... probably not. But it's a wonderful holiday piece that just makes me melt when I look at it.

As they say, Tis better to have splurged and loved than to have never loved at all! 

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Ok, so I have needed a new watch for a lonnnng time, pretty much since I stopped wearing my Baby G cos I was too embarrased! And ever since then, my wrist has always felt a little bit naked so I think it's time that I finally gave in and bought myself something practical (for once!) yet soooo beautiful. The toss up is between a gorgeous Michael Kors watch and a white Ice watch.

Butttt, to be honest I do prefer the Michael Kors watch, but at £190 (:O) it's something I can only really dream about. The ice watch is by far the cheaper option at £80, and yes it's pretty's not Michael Kors! What should I do?! Should I save up for the MK watch and blow all of my money on it or go for the ice??

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OUTFIT #7: summer daiiiz

Bralet - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - some shoe shop in Italy
Sunnies - same as above
Camera - birthday gift from my best friend Milla!!! (It's the Holga 135 in mint)
Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, for the past week I've been visiting my best friend, Camilla in Italy but before that I guess I just...couldn't be bothered to look presentable whatsoever!

I wore this outfit to go shopping in this gorgeous town near Venice where Camilla lives and I ended up spending allllll of my money (dammit) on this beautiful abstract print chiffon maxi dress/coverup which will be in an outfit soon hopefully. I'm so excited to post it as I'm practically in love with it...I ought to be to have spent that much on it!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

MY (extremely optimistic) BIRTHDAY LIST

lita dupes, studded leather jacket, spiked necklace, super studded shorts, strapless patterned maxi, step hem dress, dip hem ombre skirt, dip hem floral skirt, mint biker jacket,  silver foil skirt, red heart mesh dress, blue lace kimono, black flatforms, purple leather skirt, velvet skater skirt, Long accordion-pleat skirt, sheer bomber jacket, glitter flats, silver creepers, leather skater skirt, ombre silk shirt, velvet sparkly skater skirt

Yes, I do realise that I am being very very very optimistic with this list! This is really just my dream list, things that I think about when I'm falling asleep and hope by some miracle that in the morning they magically  appear. (IT COULD HAPPEN!!) I can't even chose my favourite, they're all so beautiful, I even have probably 20+ outfits combined of these stored in my head somewhere. I'm so so eager to put them all on GAHHHH they're all I think about at the moment!! Hahahah. I'm tempted to get another job just so I can save up and buy every single item.

Sorry about the lack of outfit post's recently, my sister just got a new camera and has promised to take some photos for me but so far has not delivered. I used to use my phone which is why they're usually a little bit/a lot rubbish (sozlol)

Saturday, 7 July 2012


1. How old are you?
  Nearly 16! Wooo

2.  What country do you live in?

3. What is your favourite colour?
I love plum purple and also the kind of aqua blue that’s clear and depth-full, y’know?
4.What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
 Hmmmm probably my AA disco pants, I never wear them out when the weather’s bad!

5.What is on your wish list?
At the very top, The Ragged Priest super studded shorts (the ones that Rihanna wore) and the YSL arty ring!                         

6 .  What style of jeans do you prefer (skinny, bootcut, flared, wide legged, etc)?
Skinnies, I could never wear anything else!

6. Where do you shop most often?
Probably Topshop and H&M, charity shops and Primark.

7.  Do you read fashion magazines?  If so please list:
I LOVVEEE company magazine now, it’s like a million fashion blogs in one book! Dream come true mwahah

8.  Describe your favourite shoes, whether you own them or not.
Hmmm, I am and will always be in love with my River Island knee high lace-up leather boots and my ‘grape and plum’ Nike dunks.
similar to these

9.  Describe your style in fashion and makeup:
Make-up-wise, I love to wear defined black eyeliner on the top of my eye with a tiny flick (kind of a retro look) and I dab a bit of white eyeliner on my bottom waterline. Then, I curl my eyelashes and sometimes apply individual fake lashes if I can be bothered and apply this amazing Bourjois mascara that I have. I put quite a lot on the top and use an old mascara brush with a the teeniest bit ever of mascara on and apply in lightly to my bottom lashes. I use foundation sparingly and apply it to my T-zone and under my eyes only, sometimes I’ll wear powder but very rarely. I then use bronzer by smiling, and applying it to the balls of my cheekbones.

As for my fashion style, everything HAS to go together; I absolutely hate a scruffy, unplanned outfit. I like to clash colours to look interesting together and I try to never include more than 3 colours, max! If I can’t find a cardigan or a jacket that goes, I’ll go without one. I try to never wear only one colour, or a few shades of that colour or two items of the same fabric, for example, denim on denim or velvet on velvet, YUCK! I tend to change my style from day to day, sometimes it will be grungey and sometimes it’s totally preppy. I guess I just can’t decide!

10.   Describe the outfit you are wearing or going to wear today:
Well, I’m in my SpongeBob PJ’s and my old old Jack Wills hoodie which I plan on wearing all day soooo I’ll tell you about what I wore shopping the other day. My new purple died Levi cut-offs, with my London 2012 T-shirt tucked in, with black tights, my black fake converse and my gold chain necklace.

11.  What makeup are you going to wear?
Probably Maybelline gel liner, Bourjois volume glamour MAX mascara, Natural collection white eyeliner, eylure individual lashes, Maybelline dream matte mouse, Rimmel clear complexion powder, Estee Lauder all over face compact blusher and Carmex classic  moisturising lip balm (I’m not big on lips to be honest)

12.  Who is your favourite designer?
 Henry Holland.

13. What is your favourite nail polish?
Hmm, I don’t really have any great quality ones, and if I do they’re in boring colours. But I used to have this gorgeous one which was a bit darker than blood red with a hint of purple in. But then I SMASHEDDD it,

14.What is your favourite fragrance?
The blue butterfly one from Accessorize that smells like Vanilla (no idea what it’s called, sorry.)

 15.What is one fashion trend you cannot stand right now?

16.Who is your fashion icon?
Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Fearne Cotton.

8.  What makeup brand is your favourite?
Well, I only have one product from Bourjois but it is AMAZING.

17.  What do you probably over buy when it comes to fashion or beauty?
Rings, and then I lose them all.

18. What is your most recent bargain purchase?
I bought this cute little crop top with a winky face on it from Topshop which I’ve been lusting over for ages for only £5! Not a HUGE discount, but I’m still pretty chuffed!