Friday, 29 June 2012

OUTFIT #6: dinin' out

dress - missguided (sold out)
blazer - H&M
flats - H&M
earrings - H&M

I'm going out tonight with my family and some of our friends as it's my sister's birthday and we're all dying for good food! Yesterday was my prom and my tan still hasn't worn off so i was really looking forward to bearing the currently awwwessommmeee colour of my legs, but annoyingly and the after prom party  I walked through a holly bush (stupid?!) and i now have huge scratches along my legs, not pretty!

I'll post some pictures soon of my prom, it was a magical night and i wish i could relive it a hundred times. I am so, so sad that it's over because it was a night that I'd been dreaming of for years and when it was over i felt ... satisfied and happy but a bit empty at the same time because something i'd been waiting for for so long came true and now there's a little piece of me that wonders, what is there left to look forward too? I had butterflies all night.
I'm also ADDICTED to individual false eye-lashes now! I find them sooo much easier to apply than a full set because my eyes are a weird shape (haha) and they also look A LOT more natural which I loooove.

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