Monday, 25 June 2012

OUTFIT #4: shopshopshopping

American apparel disco pants
T-shirt: can't remember sorry
Checked shirt: Primark
Flatforms: Asos
Fruit chain necklace & Red gem earrings: H&M
3 Tier eye, moon and sun necklace: Topshop (sale)
I am so in love with my new fruit chain necklace, I have been looking for a heavy gold necklace EVERYWHERE and so I was delighted to find this in H&M. It was £7.99 which is a bit pricey for me but my ex-neighbours gave me a voucher for my birthday (one and a half months people!!!). I'm not too fond of the fruit on it though, I might take them off. I also love my new plastic ruby dangly earrings, in the words of Lady GaGa #DirtCheapPlasticLooksFantastic!

I also got a French manicure for my Prom this Thursday at one of those awesome Chinese nail salons that smell amaaaazing. They've been done with gel polish so they're going to last me ages! Check out these beauties:

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