Friday, 1 June 2012


disco pants from american apparel 

1) Yes, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a pair of disco pants. I'm sorry this photo does them no justice. Obviously, I would never pay £70 for these, so I got mine from eBay, they were shipped from LA (ooh get me), I ordered them on the saturday and the arrived on the Thursday, brilliant! Granted they were £10 postage, but even with postage price added on they were still sooooo much cheaper than what american apparel are selling them for! My absolutely favourite thing about them is definitely the high-waistedness, the zip looks good and they make my legs look longer (the photo really does not show this!). However I have had one or two problems with them, they are quite difficult to get on and so tight that at the end of the day I have an imprint of the seam line down both of my legs. People say that they are comfy for sitting around in, but to be honest, they're really not. They give you that tight feeling under your knees that you get when wearing skinny jeans, so they're definitely not ideal for the cinema or for snuggling up on the sofa (as I found out, to my expense, i had to sit with my legs straight out). buttttt, BONUS! When you go outside into the sunshine, they genuinly sparkleI had no idea that they'd do that and I'm so happy they do! They add a little bit of quirkiness to my outfit. Above is also a photo from my instagram that I took after I made my discovery!

jeans from new look
2) New Look jeans, £19.99, not a bad price I thought as they are comfy, so softy and the perfect pair of jeans for me. As you can see from the picture, they are a little bit big for me but I can easily roll them up a bit and you can't tell because the inside is the same colour, so that's a plus. They are a bit thin, but I don't really care because I don't tend to wear jeans a lot. I follow a pattern of buying ones from primark (which are surprisingly nice and last me a while) for a year until they break and then I just buy another pair. These were more expensive than I usually get mine (£7 dirt cheap) but I figure they'll probably last me a bit longer and I needed some new ones so why not? I usually only wear jeans about once a week so it's not a huge deal. Although! Really annoying, because I always put my hands in my pockets when things get awkward, the front pockets on these are sewn up!!

3) I love these shorts, ok? I JUST LOVE 'EM. They are your typical blue denim shorts, kind of stripey (but that's not very noticeable) and the laces! oh the laces! They're so unique and just a dream come true. I am always on the hunt for unusual items and these are exactly that. Cheap and cheerful, and such good quality. I practically live in shorts and I'll get a lot out of these. I did really want some high-waisted shorts but I've come to realise that they'll probably make my bum look ten times the size. They are a great length, not like those knicker shorts which are so embarrasing jeez, and the only downside I can find to them is that they is quite a bulky flap behind the laces (so that you can't see through them) which is a little bit annoying as you always have to check that it's in place, but not annoying enough to put me off them. Overall, a fantastic pair of shorts that I am utterly in love with. A key piece in my summer wardrobe, I think.
shorts from boohoo

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