Sunday, 3 June 2012


In theory, I love dresses and skirts but I never really get round to buying them because only certain styles suit me. I have relatively broad shoulders and a small frame so spaghetti straps on dresses give me that nice girly flare, and then make my shoulders seem even bigger and manly. It's a weird mix. But recently I found this dress from Primark for £6 I think? I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be a beach dress as the top part is quite see through, but I just put a bandeau or a vest underneath it and it looks great! You can get it in white, orange, pink and red, but i loved the purple. It has a tie back to make it more fitted which I love. This season I really love surfer style clothes, things you could wear to the beach or the clothes they wear in 90210 (love). I plan on altering the outfit however I'm feeling that day by putting a floral skirt on the bottom which will clash nicely with the top part, of maybe a knitted jumper and keep the skirt part. I wore it just as it is the other day with my black strappy leather sandals and it looked really great and simplistic. The one downside is that the skirt part creases very easily, I haven't even put it in the wash yet, only worn it for about 4 hours and it is already more creased than it could possibly ever be. So that is my little steal from Primark and the only dress that I could find that didn't make my shoulder's look like those fake ones that American football players wear, and I'm very happy with it!

maxi skirt from Forever21
I also bought my first ever maxi skirt. I used to think that I was too small to get away with a maxi skirt but last week at school I noticed a few people wearing them and they looked amazing. Especially the really simplistic ones which you don't even notice or have to think about. You can get them for quite cheap and when I came across this one i fell in love with it. As you can see from the picture below, It look very different in real life. Admittedly, it's not a great photo, the real colour is actually quite a bit brighter but definitely not as much as the photo given by Forever 21. They waist band is very loose on me so I have to roll it up a little bit and fold a baggy tucked in top over it so that you can't see the embarrassing fact that I've actually had to roll it up! I plan on wearing it with heels because then it won't drag on the floor so much. Also, I have to wear my white shorts underneath it because, even though it does have an underskirt, I have to hold the skirt up when I go up stairs and the underskirt comes up quite a bit too which can be very embarrassing! My conclusion is that you don't need to be massively tall to pull of a maxi skirt, granted it does help. If you're looking to buy one, get one with an adjustable or elastic waist to avoid having to roll it up every 10 minutes.

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