Friday, 8 June 2012



Ignore the screen munch, I’m in France so I can’t e-mail myself the pictures like I normally do! This is just a basic sheer, sleeveless top from Primark that I’ve been in desperate need of for AGES. It’s really soft and cheap too. I love Primark’s collection of cotton sheer-style tops because they are a lovely alternative to those horrible scratchy blouses that were on trend last year as they’re so comfortable and versatile. However, very see through!! In the picture I’m wearing a bandeau AND a vest underneath.

I am not totally sure if this Topshop dip-dye purchase is a jumper or a top as it’s quite see through. To be honest, it can be worn either way, I’m just slightly worried that if I wear a print t-shirt underneath it’ll shoe through. It’s shiny, made of a foil-like material and not really a slubby top, it’s quite formal. I haven’t put it through the wash yet so I’m not sure how it’ll react but I read a review that a lot of the foily stuff comes off in the wash, which I’m very worried about.

A basic grey top with a very low back (bonus, yay) from Forever21, great price and so soft! There’s a theme here, I tend to judge clothes on their softness; if it’s not comfy I won’t wear it!
My new favourite t-shirt, also from Forever 21. I love the vintage vibe it gives off and the buttons are wooden which I think is a nice detail. It’s very oversized and has low armholes, but I’m having a bit of trouble finding a bandeau that doesn’t clash with the print, so I guess I’ll just have to bare all! I wore mine in my white shorts with crochet patches on and kitty pumps. I’ve seen some gorgeous studded loafers from which I think would go brilliantly with it but I’ve told myself that I have enough pairs of shoes!

In case you were wondering, in all of these photos I’m not actually wearing my disco pants, but a pair of gymnastics leggings that I found from when I was younger (they were very big on me then). They’re a great alternative to disco pants, as they give off practically the exact same sparkle and are about a tenth of the price. They can be quite see through though and obviously they’re not high-waisted so if those are your main reasons for wanting the disco pants then these are not for you.

 I’m also thinking of getting the riding pants in henna or taupe (when I get the money) should I get them? I found the henna for much cheaper on eBay but I might wait for winter until I splurge...

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