Friday, 8 June 2012

Bleaching : Beware

This post is basically going to be a pros & cons of bleaching your hair, not a rant, so don’t worry. Just yesterday my friend highlighted (or highlit?) my hair for me and when it’s down I absolutely love it. Before, it was a goldy dark blonde/very light brown, it falls in naturally loose curls. The blonde highlights look great, I mostly did it at the front, slightly layered part of my hair and it has done wonders. It spreads the colour so that it looks like all of my hair is a light-mid blonde when in fact only a few strands are. I haven’t straightened my hair yet so I’m really worried it’ll look really fake, but fingers crossed! The first time I saw the finished project, it was wet and looked absolutely vile, I was considering dying my hair coal black to get rid of it, this was because the rest of my hair went darker when it was wet and the bleach went lighter – I have a feeling that this is going to be a big problem for me this summer. I also have lost the freedom to scrape my hair back in to a ponytail or bun which is my fall back style for work or just if I can’t be bothered. I didn’t dye much of the bottom of my hair and my roots are very messy (meaning I’ve had to get a side parting again) so one side and the top have very large blonde streaks and then the other side of my head has nice, thin, subtle ones. To be honest, I think I’m going to have to dye over them.
As you can see, you probably ought to think about the consequences before you go ahead with bleach, as I won’t be able to wear my hair up again for a very long time. It definitely could have gone worse for me; I was very prepared as the friend who did it for me has been working in a hairdresser’s for over a year and highlights people’s hair every day at work. If I had done this myself, lord only knows what would have happened! I think one of the possible reasons that mine looks so chavvy when up could be because I bought the only highlighting kit I could find in my village pharmacy, I’d seen it before and knew it wasn’t the good stuff but frankly I didn’t care, I didn’t think it would work so well. I used Bblonde highlighting kit which, admittedly came with very good equipment and the kit was great, but the bleach was extremely strong and so, unless you aim to look like queen of the chavs, I would recommend that you avoid this at all costs. 

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