Saturday, 9 June 2012


I got this lovely little dress from Primark for a bargain of only £5. I am usually a size 8 but I got mine in a size 10 because the 8 was very short. It’s probably one of my favourite buys ever from Primark as it is unbelievably versatile and with an adorable pattern. Here is the first way I wear it, just as it is. It’s strapless but there is elastic across the top so it doesn’t fall down.
The second way that I like to wear it is with the ruffles tucked in because I feel like ruffles add a bit of formalness to an outfit, which is ok if I’m in a formal situation, but for when I’m not I like to wear it like this. On my feet, I wear my mum’s pale brown leather wedge sandals from Fat Face; they utterly complete the outfit and add even more summery vibe.
This is my favourite style for this dress as I don’t have enough skirts and it looks super elegant. Depending on how you accessorize, you can make this look work for formal situations (a white blazer, plum heels) or style it down for school (a hoodie and some wedges or pumps). For this look you simply tuck the top part of the dress inside the bottom.
You can even make it look like a dressy top! All you need to do is the same as for the skirt, and then just pull it up to your chest and tie a belt around it. I normally use a thatch belt as you can create your own holes in them by placing the metal bit through one of the weaves. This is perfect for me as a lot belts don’t fit my waist.

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  1. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog sweet! this is such a fab post, the dress looks gorgeous every way you styled it! x