Friday, 8 June 2012


1)This is a long skirt from American Apparel which I plan to sprint to the shops and buy the moment I get paid. I first saw it in one of sunbeamjess’ (my favourite fashion blogger at the moment) videos. She wore it with a slouchy grey top which is exactly what I would team it with. Even though it is meant to be a little shorter than a maxi, an ankle basher I guess, she says that it is more of a maxi skirt on her as a shortie, so I’m hoping that the same applies to me! It is high waisted, meaning I can pull it up however high I like, and it has an elastic waist so it will definitely not slip down, unlike my other maxi skirt. It’s a crazy price but I can wear it to all kinds of things, tone it down with a t-shirt for school or wear it with a frilly top and heels for special occasions. I’m still a teeny bit undecided between the cobalt and the almandine.  The cobalt is really unusual and I can style it with quite a few colours. Almandine I can’t see myself wearing to anywhere but a wedding or occasion like that, because it’s quite princess-y and like a medieval skirt, if that makes sense. Which colour should I get?
2)      Silver Jewel Doc Martens, eugh these are soooooooooo beautiful amd quirky but I’m not sure if doc martens will suit me. They’re so big and I’m so teeny weeny and that’s a hell of a lot of money if they end up looking ridiculous.  I’ve found them online for a lot cheaper than what most places are asking for but I’m a little bit worried it could be a fake site, it seems too good to be true...
3)      I found this cute dress on the asos marketplace which I currently because there are a few people from time to time selling things for £5 because they don’t realise how much they are really worth. Mwahahaha anyway, it is £29.99 which seems a little steep for a used dress and to be honest I’m not sure if I love it just because the model is so pretty and I want to look like her! So I’ve cut her out of the picture so that she doesn’t taint my judgement euggghhh I wish I was her hahah. I think I’m going to get it, it’s one of those timeless vintage dresses which have been in style for absolutely years now, and I have a feeling they will be for a lot longer.
4)      I love love love these shoes but all of my family hate them! They have that unique vintage quality which you don’t quuiiite get with normal brogues and they’re a fun alternative to sandals, which I don’t really have a great relationship with. I’m pretty miffed off with mango actually (where they’re from) because they’ve actually gone up in price!! When I discovered them they were £36, which I thought was raaather a lot for a pair of flats but I was willing to pay it, if they lasted me, but then  the next day I checked the website and they’d gone up to £45! Not happy! I still love them but I think it will be a long while until I purchase them, as in when I am swimming in money.
5)      Love this. £5.99 from eBay, beautiful, gorgeous colour and I have finally fallen in love with the dip-hem trend after months of umming and ahhing. Although, I tried on a gold pleated dip hem dress in H&M the other day and it looked sooo bad on me, but to be honest, £5.99 isn’t a lot,  and if it really doesn’t suit me I’ll just cut it into a mini skirt. If you’re thinking of getting this, you’ll definitely need a nude bodycon underskirt as it’s a sheer material and having everything on show will never be a good look.
6)      What do I do about this necklace?! It’s got little dolphins instead of chains which is so quirky but the price is crazy!!! £35 from topshop isn’t unheard of but that doesn’t make it not ridiculous! I have been looking for a cheap gold (not real) chain necklace but I can’t find one anywhere that’s the right length or a good price. I feel like this is exactly what I was hoping for and more but it comes at a price that I just won’t pay for a necklace.
7)      I’m not a big espadrilles lover, I hate how they’re always a little bit tight on me so you can see the outline of my toes in them, but these ones have my heart. The tropical trend right now is my favourite EVER because it’s so fun. It allows personality and softens up the fashion industry a little from its serious exterior. They’re a little bit pricey for such basic shoes but they’ll be a great conversation starter and I can pair them with a really basic outfit and it’ll brighten things up a lot.
8)      Litas. For a long time I thought they wear really cheap and tacky, until funnily enough, another one of sunbeamjess’ videos persuaded me otherwise. They’ve been all over the blogosphere recently but they’re a lot of money if I’m only going to wear them to parties, but I reckon that these black ones should go pretty well with distressed shorts or a skirt, anything but jeans. For a long time I craved them in suede lilac but the only nice fake ones that I could find were £55 which is quite far outside of my budget. So, I did a little research and discovered that these black ones are also gorrrrgeous. I love them in both suede and normal but I think that I’ll probably get away with wearing them more if they’re the normal black. I’m quite worried about wearing them casually, are they too high? I plan on wearing them under a maxi skirt or dress so that the end doesn’t drag on the floor, then maybe I could wear them to school because you wouldn’t be able to see them! Aha!
9)      This playsuit is a beautiful, vintage-style piece for a great price. My only worries are that 1) playsuits might not be in next year so it might not get a lot of wear, and 2) I’m not allowed to wear anything strapless to school. What a conundrum...
10)   I think that this skirt is so sweet and chic; it’s very different from your normal straight, unforgiving denim skirt. I’m planning on buying a red and white nautical stripe top to tuck in and for shoes, practically anything! This skirt is the equivalent of jeans for if you’re feeling a little bit girly because you can style it with pretty much anything. It is a little bit pricey so I won’t be buying it until the start of school next year as I’ll have more money then and I’m not likely to be wearing it in hot weather.
Obviously I can’t afford all, or even half of this, but I’m saving up and by the time I get enough money I probably won’t want any of it anymore!

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